72 hours in Barcelona

Touch down in Barcelona on Thursday morning and get stuck straight into what it has to offer.

Navigate the city effortlessly with its metro system, first stop Park Güell. Inspiring views of the city, Güell Palace and the Gaudi gardens and house museum, a great way to start the day.

Gaudi architecture is dotted all around the place with the Casa Batllo and Casa Mila particularly impressive sights.

People are the lifeblood of any great city and Las Ramblas is Barcelona‘s beating heart.

The hustle and bustle of this busy market place gives you the greatest sense of what the Catalan people are all about.

Bask in the evening warmth, share fresh tapas from the Med and wash it down with sangria from any of the outdoor eataries.

Head up to The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc from 9 o’clock onwards for it’s famous fountain show.

Soak up the atmosphere with the thousands who have gathered upon the grand staircase to witness water be shot high into the night sky. You haven’t been to Barcelona until you’ve baptised yourself at this colourful display .

Rise and shine. As you wonder around the city you will notice the Catalan flags draped upon the windowsills. A city proud of its culture, independence and history.

The F.C. Barcelona emblem is never to far from sight either and the stadium is one of two must see gems in the city’s glittering crown.

At a capacity of almost 100,000 people, Camp Nou is a jaw dropping venue and is an astonishing spectacle for even non-football fans.

The other gem is the unmistakable La Segrada Familia.

Eight huge bee-hive-like columns stretch up staggeringly towards the heavens and is still yet to be completed after over 140 years building.

Through its doors the white beam structures that prop up this fantastic building may be the closest you ever get to being inside God’s ribcage.

The Gothic quarter and the Old Town boasts a number of other selfie opportunities and is a lovely little place to end the day. .

The open square holds the town hall and the cathedral just meters away is absolutely brilliant sight, both inside and out.

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Hit the Zoo in Parc de la Ciutadella on Saturday. Here you will find all creatures great and small and host of our feathered friends. They also have monkeys and we all love monkeys.

Pop into the aquarium at the cities harbour if you still have an animal itch to scratch.

While in the area, take a relaxing walk along the beach as the sun sets.

Join in with a game of volleyball as the locals and travellers alike are always looking for more players.

Top off your whirlwind adventure at the quint little Jazz Si Club and dance the night away planning your next trip in the process.


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