When an irresistible force meets an immovable object


Whilst studying in China I sat in on an English oral class where the teacher posed the question what happens “when an irresistible force meets an immovable object?” for a speech to be prepared for the next lesson.

So, I gave it a go and tried to make my answer reflect my experience there and I kept it simple, so the Chinese students could understand it:


What is doubt?

Doubt is the feeling that you get when you think that you are not good enough.

Doubt is the feeling of not believing in yourself.

Doubt is something I have heard from every student here at ZUMC.

Whether it is a student saying:
“my work isn’t very good” or “I’m not smart enough” or “I’m not pretty enough”

It is an irresistible force to doubt yourself…

I’ve had guy in this classroom beat me eleven straight points at ping pong and then still say he is no good at ping pong

I’ve took selfies with pretty girls in this room who then use an app to change the photo because they think that their skin is too dark or their eyes aren’t big enough

I’ve had long conversations with students here speaking perfect English, who then go onto say that their English isn’t very good

It is an irresistible force to doubt yourself…

There are 9 million people in Hangzhou. So even if I say to you, “you are one in a million” there are still another 8 people in this city, just like you.

Which could be why a lot of people HERE think that a lot of people OUT THERE are better than them.

But there is no one else like you. Only you, are you. And you shouldn’t doubt your own ability.

You are capable of great things if you truly believe you can do them.

So, what is the immovable object?

There is no object on this earth that can not be moved.

From mountains to rivers, for thousands of years people have shaped the earth to match our every need.

The immovable object is any challenge that you think you can not overcome.

Whether it is thinking “I will not pass this exam” or “I will never get my dream job” or “I wont get over breaking up with my boyfriend or girlfriend”

The immovable object is any idea that you doubt…

The immovable object is also a concept that you think you can not change, from religion to science to the Government.

But, as Henry Ford once said, whether you think you can, or you think you can’t… you are right.

What he means is, if you doubt yourself, you will not achieve what you want. But if you have enough confidence and commitment, then you will be successful.

As time passes it is the people that do not doubt themselves who make the immovable… movable:

From the theory of evolution
To cultural revolutions
From racial inequality
To aiding poverty

It is PEOPLE, like you and me, who change the globe
Anne Frank, Charles Darwin, Napoleon Bonaparte
Albert Einstein, Confucius, Joan of Arc
Aristotle, Helen Keller, Rosa Parks
Marie Curie, Shakespeare, Mozart.

Do not think you are not good enough,
When you know you are!

Napoleon Hill said:
If your mind can conceive it, and your heart can believe it, then you can achieve it.

If you can resist the irresistible force of doubt, then no object is immovable.

Believe in yourself and you can move mountains.


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