Sugar Shane Mosley has beef with WBO champ Liam Smith


Newly crowned WBO junior middleweight champion of the world Liam Smith (21-0-1) is being sounded out by boxing legend Shane Mosley.

Before Smith’s fight with John Thompson (17-2), he told IFL TV about his annoyance at what he sees as lesser fighters calling him out. Which seems fair, considering Beefy earned his shot the hard way and has been defending British champion for two years now. He feels other British contenders should do likewise and work their way up rather than try and rush themselves into a big money fight with him.

Tyson Fury has made no secret about how thinks American fighters “gas” after six rounds and the Smith vs. Thompson world title bout was a prime example of that theory.

The fight in question was pretty straight forward. Smith never looked troubled by the power of Thompson, the American’s pot shots and flurries were enough to win three of the first four rounds but ultimately this led to his own downfall. All the effort from Thompson was absorbed by the high guard of Smith, who seemed to be sapping energy from his opponent round by round.

As the fight progressed the Liverpudlian, with his menacing grin, stalked his prey around the ring, landing hard body shots and Thompson, 26, for all his impressive foot work and elusive circling of the ring, began to tire.

Into the sixth and Smith exploded into action with crunching blows to the head and a clearly buzzed Thompson was glad to hear the bell. Beefy roared as he went back to his corner, sensing the end was nigh.

The seventh began in the same punishing fashion as the sixth had ended, with Smith, 27, landing huge head shots on the drained Thompson, the knock-out blow coming at 1:44, flopping the Apollo Kidd face first on to the canvas.

No sooner had the words “and the new” been announced, speculation began as to who Smith should face next. (Admittedly, some of it started by me.)

“I’d be a liar if I said I never looked past Thompson but the situation that it was, I just did. I seen Shane Mosley calling out Cornelius Bundrage last week and he doesn’t even have a world title. I have the world title now, so Shane Mosley should be calling me out.”

It didn’t take long for Sugar Shane Mosley (48-9-1) to fan the flames of a potential title match, with Smith proving he is more than game for the fight, but not as game for the trash talk.

Mosley may not be the best fighter in the division but he is no doubt one of the most recognisable names to the casual fans and although he has fell short against all of the elite level fighters he has faced: Cotto, Mayweather, Pacquiao and Canelo, he does boast two wins against Mexican legend Oscar De La Hoya.

Despite the losses his twitter reads: “I don’t run from fights. I run to them. Any one want these hands can get it. Sugar is bad for your teeth. Thought you knew. I’ll fight the best fighters at 147-154”.

Clearly Mosley has a vast amount of experience at the top level and this could prove invaluable if he were to fight Smith. As it happens, the Scouser would surely have to be the favourite with his relative youth and power too much for the slow, aging star.

“These are massive fights and massive names. People chase world titles and I have one so they’ve got to chase me now. I’m excited to see what names I get offered now.”

All the fans can hope is that Beefy gets offered some Sugar.


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