Deontay Wilder

Is it only Americans who believe the hype?

Let’s get one thing straight, Wilder is a world class fighter and would put up a good fight against Wlladimir Klitschko but he wouldn’t even come close to beating him.

Look at the facts. Who has Wilder actually fought in his career? He is unbeaten in seven years but hasn’t beaten a single top level fighter in that time.

Nobody seriously respected Bermane Stiverne as a world champion before his fight with The Bronze Bomber and now all of a sudden Wilder is seen as a legitimate champion because he’s American. It’s ridiculous.

Wladimir Klitschko is unbeaten in ten years with victories over most of the top fighters in the division: Povetkin, Pulev, Thompson, Haye and Brewster to name a few. It was not too long ago that Wilder was rocked by David Haye in sparring and The Hayemaker didn’t come close get anywhere near Klitschko. So what makes Yanks think Wilder could?

Call it self-belief, call it nationalism, call it what you want but it is this “U.S.A.! U.S.A.!” attitude that sees some Americans completely disregard the Ukrainian’s record. Dr. Steel Hammer has almost double the amount of fights as Wilder and his experience alone would be enough to beat him.

Everyone knows his robotic, machine-like approach in fights is boring, but it works. Wilder has potential and is exciting, so people want him to win, but unfortunately that isn’t enough.

Nobody wants to admit it but Wilder is over hyped. I firmly believe he would beat anyone in the top ten rankings apart from Wlad… but he hasn’t done it yet. And until he does, how can anybody actually rate him?

Of course we all want an explosive, knock-out merchant, American heavyweight champion. It’s great for the sport of boxing but Wladimir has been there and done it. Deontay hasn’t done anything.



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